Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Statements about Trump's UN Speech

Not too many House Representatives weighed in on their thoughts after the President spoke at the United Nations. I guess most of them were left speechless by the audacity the President showed the world by stating loud and clear that America's priorities were for America FIRST. Below are all the statements I could find so far:

House Representative Tom Cole (R-OK, 4th)

“President Trump’s speech was clearly one of the best and most consequential speeches of his presidency thus far. He gave a spirited defense of American values and interests to the UN, and he put America first.”

“In addition, he sent a direct, blunt and clear message that unambiguously called out North Korea, Iran and Venezuela for activities at odds with the best interests of the civilized world. In doing so, President Trump made it clear that America continues to lead and uphold the international order. He was also quick to remind other countries to do their part in reigning in rogue nations and terrorist organizations.”

“Make no mistake about it, this speech was a major statement defining America’s role on the international stage. I believe historians will look back on this speech as a defining moment in the Trump presidency. It asserted and redefined America’s role as the leader of the free world.”

House Representative Ron DeSantis (R-FL, 6th)

“President Trump’s speech before the UN General Assembly was a tour de force. Trump directly addressed key foreign policy issues and laid out an agenda rooted in America's national interests.

Trump forthrightly condemned those who threaten global security, including the Rocket Man’s suicide mission in North Korea and Iran’s malevolent nuclear ambitions. His speech also empowered those fighting for freedom and democracy in places such as Venezuela and Cuba by acknowledging their courageous struggle against socialist governments.

President Trump bluntly challenged the UN to live up to its mission – something that is sorely needed given the utter fecklessness that the UN has characteristically displayed when confronting serious global problems.”

House Representative Scott DesJarlais (R-TN, 4th)

"I'm heartened to see President Trump reasserting American values and strength. The days of apologizing for our country's greatness and leading role in the world are over. The United States will protect itself and our allies and hold the United Nations to the same promise."

House Representative Daniel Donovan (R-NY, 11th)

“President Trump delivered a forceful and inspired vision for a peaceful and prosperous world order based on sovereignty and mutual interest. President Trump emphasized his commitment to putting America first, and called on world leaders to do the same in their own countries. He’s right to meet provocations from rogue regimes with strength, especially after years of ‘strategic patience’ haven’t stopped Kim Jong-Un.

“International progress comes from the productivity and innovation of the world’s diverse people. They should all be free to pursue their interests within their own countries – countries that respect one another’s sovereign rights to seek peace and prosperity.

“I wholeheartedly support President Trump’s vision. America has been the greatest force for good in history based on the principles he embraced in this morning’s speech.”

House Representative Brian Fitzpatrick, (R PA, 8th)

“I appreciate the President’s strong address to the United Nations today in New York. He was right to call out regimes in North Korea, Iran, Syria and Venezuela; each of these regimes have subjugated their own people and continue to make threats and acts against world order and peace. The UN must help align an international coalition against these states and their leaders. The President also highlighted the importance of reforming the UN to carry out its noble mission of promoting freedom, cooperation and human rights. This is crucial, and something Ambassador Haley has been an outspoken advocate for. I support that endeavor wholeheartedly. I will continue working with both parties in Congress and on the Foreign Affairs Committee to advance an American foreign policy that promotes peace and stability for all people.”

House Representative Ruben Gallego (D-AZ, 7th)

“President Trump once again delivered an embarrassing performance with the whole world watching. But more than his various cringe-worthy statements, it was his continuing failure to project the kind of calm, steady leadership that the international community has come to expect from American presidents that was most alarming.

“As a veteran, Trump’s speech only served to heighten my grave concerns that he could steer the United States into war through bluster or sheer incompetence.

“At the United Nations, the President implied that he would pull out of the Iran Deal, despite the fact that the agreement has unquestionably slowed or stopped Iranian progress toward a nuclear weapon. Scrapping the deal would isolate us from the world community, encourage Iran to seek a nuclear breakout, and prime the Middle East for a massive conflict. Without the deal, Trump is choosing a nuclear Iran, a war with Iran, or both.

“The President also fundamentally misunderstands what a war with North Korea would entail. There is no ‘winning’ a war with Pyongyang. Destruction of the North is within our power, but doing so would mean the deaths of millions of South Koreans, Japanese, and yes, American troops and civilians in South Korea and perhaps farther away. It could – and likely would – mean war with China. That is no ‘victory.’

“Simply put, every time President Trump opens his mouth, America’s leadership and global standing diminishes.”

It is becoming more and more apparent how unpatriotic and against America's best interest Democrats are.
Just listen every time they open their mouth.

House Representative Ted Lieu (D-CA, 33rd)

“President Trump’s speech to the United Nations will be remembered not for rallying the international community around our common challenges, but instead for threatening another nation with annihilation. Let us be clear: the issue is not whether the U.S. is capable of destroying North Korea, but rather whether we are willing to allow South Korea, Japan, and potentially Guam to be destroyed in the process—along with hundreds of thousands of American lives."

“Name-calling and brash rhetoric make America neither great nor safe. I am also disappointed that President Trump failed to include a single mention of climate change, which poses an existential threat to America and the world.”

North Korea is about to Nuke us, ISIS is taking over the world, people are being kidnapped and sold for sex slaves and people are dying because they are Christian, and this man is focused on climate change. Is there any doubt that the Democrats have the wrong priorities?

House Representative Betty McCollum (D-MN, 4th)

“President Donald Trump’s speech at the United Nations today betrayed America’s values and abandoned our nation’s legacy of global leadership. The world witnessed a provocative, unstable demagogue threaten to start a conflict that would risk nuclear war and imperil millions of lives.

“President Trump’s dangerous rhetoric, coming from a man with the nuclear codes, is a global threat that puts every American at risk. I strongly condemn both his speech and the foundation of ignorance in which it was rooted.”

Thank God it doesn't matter what the Democrats think about Trump. What matters is what the UN thinks about Trump's speech.

House Representative David Price (D-NC, 4th)

“President Trump’s speech to the United Nations General Assembly served only to further alienate the United States from its allies, and to sow doubts among our adversaries and rivals as to our steadfastness and resolve. In an incoherent series of brash threats, the President called on the international community to ‘totally destroy’ a nuclear-armed North Korea, while undermining the international effort to restrain Iran’s nuclear program. Furthermore, the President failed even to mention serious concerns like climate change, cyber-warfare, and heightened tensions with Russia. The President’s hypocritical threats and childish name-calling do nothing to advance American interests or project American strength. Instead, they send a clear signal of incoherence and incompetence.”

Really? I thought he was quite clear and coherent. The only people alienated are those who wish to take away our sovereignty. We will work with anyone to preserve their sovereignty, is it too much to ask for them to do the same? AMERICANS SHOULD BE FOR AMERICA FIRST.

House Representative Todd Rokita (R-IN, 4th)

“President Trump has shown our world tremendous leadership since taking office. His speech to the United Nation’s General Assembly showed a strong, and clear stance in regards to North Korea, Iran and the threats they pose to the United States and the world. As a Member of Congress during this Administration and President Obama’s, I can confidently say that this is a night and day difference from President Obama’s stance eight years ago.”

“President Trump reminded the rest of the world that we have fought for them, and we have lost American lives because of this fight. We continue to support our allies and the rest of the world. But, the American people must always come first just like the citizens of each other country should come first for their government. This is the way to achieve peace and I am proud to stand with President Trump to work towards this goal.”

“Our great friend and ally, the State of Israel, was also in the audience for the President’s speech. Israel is represented by another great leader, Prime Minister Netanyahu.”