Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Dems Worried Trump will Pardon Himself

by Shonda Ponder

Of all things for the Democrats to worry about, now they're worried that Trump is going to pardon himself or his family members for something. I don't think President Trump has done anything wrong to pardon himself for, but I guess they think he might. In a press release from Karen Bass (D-CA, 37th), the Democrats have decided to create a resolution that will prevent this from happening.

“Due to the current President’s proven willingness to slander the truth and exploit legal ambiguity for personal gain, we must explicitly forbid the possibility of a pardon for himself or his family,” Rep. Bass said. “Throughout this presidency, I’ve heard from thousands of constituents concerned about pardon power. The recent pardon of Joe Arpaio only amplified those concerns. Millions of Americans face the consequences of their own unlawful actions, and they repay their debt to society. If any president of any party or their family commits federal crimes, benign or extreme, they too must suffer the consequences of their actions. I call on my colleagues on both sides of the aisle to uphold our civic duty to protect our justice system.”

I think the Democrats need to stop focusing on how much they hate Trump, and start worrying about how they are going to get re-elected. The future doesn't look too bright for them these days, unless they know a bunch of dead Democrats.