Monday, May 20, 2019

Censorship is the Issue

by: Shonda Ponder
CNN has recently held an interview with Jane Coaston, and Irin Carmon about Censorship. They hold that there is no proof of Censorship and that Facebook and Twitter have the right to do with their platform what they like because it is about THEIR freedom and not the user's freedom, and if we don't like Facebook and Twitter, we should move elsewhere.

While they have a point about choosing another platform, it looks as if CNN, a leftist news outlet, is downplaying the importance of allowing free speech and room for debate on sensitive topics.

The Ponder is about proving that Censorship exists and with who and how, and we are posting the reasons cited for the censorship.

Click Here to see CNN take Facebook and Twitter's side

Then, read the side of William Lohier at the New York Law Journal.

William Lohier, a student at Stuyvesant High School, is the winner of the annual essay contest sponsored by the Association of New York State Supreme Court Justices and the New York Law Journal. He had a lot to say on the matter of Censorship.

Click Here to read the article, How To Protect Free Speech in a Social Media Age

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Don’t let Zuckerberg kill free speech
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Social media titans such as Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg have more influence over our freedom than Supreme Court justices or U.S. presidents. But these internet executives are selling out core American principles for the almighty dollar. They’ll do whatever a host country demands. In China, Russia and even capitalist Singapore, internet freedom is already dead, without a murmur of protest by Zuckerberg and others.


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