Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Donald Trump and Free Speech

Open Letter to Whom It May Concern:

Donald Trump is running again (no surprise) for President. In his campaign speech, he said he was fighting for all of our rights. He placed emphasis on our beloved 2nd Amendment.

The crowd cheered.

While I agree and applaud also, I also see the real danger that our 1st Amendment is in. Our Freedom of Speech, especially. Without our Freedom of Speech, our voices are silenced. All of our other freedoms are endangered. We cannot allow this to continue.

I ask, along with my peers, that special attention be placed on our Freedom of Speech. Censored posts on public platforms across the internet need to be re-evaluated. Our options to create our own financial freedom on the internet (and off) need to be protected and encouraged. We need to treat the internet as an opportunity, not a playground.

Please help us. Do something soon to put those protections in place and sanction those who would violate our freedoms on public platforms such as the internet.

Without Freedom of Speech we cannot be expected to teach our progeny the importance and value of all our freedoms. If we do not educate because we are silenced and financially broken, then we lose.

I want to "WIN, WIN, WIN"

Keeping America Great means keeping our God-given Constitutional rights.

Thank you,
Shonda Ponder, editor