Thursday, September 28, 2017

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Trump Wave Last Year Also Lifts Roy Moore and Others To Senate
Public Advocate USA

It's often said that you can know a man by his enemies. That being the case, we can know a lot about Judge Roy Moore by the blaring headline on Huffington Post last night: "Alabama Earthquake: GOP Picks Outsider Bigot." Translated, this means, "GOP Picks Conservative Christian, Anti-Establishment Candidate." Sounds good to me.

Let the left rant and rave. It is precisely that attitude that is driving many hard-working, law-abiding Christians and Conservatives to the polls. When they scream at us with abusive names, it opens our eyes to the fact that we have got to get them gone, and the only weapon we have that is safe is Constitution, the pen and the ballot.

Public Knowledge Hopeful New Assistant Attorney General Makan Delrahim Will Protect Consumers
Public Knowledge

"Given Mr. Delrahim's extensive background and knowledge of antitrust, we hope he will maintain and extend the enforcement practices the Antitrust Division has applied over the last eight years."

Study: How the ‘amendment tree’ grew to neuter Senate floor debate
R Street Institute
The principal means by which Senate majorities have exerted greater control over the institution’s decision-making process in recent years has been through their ability to block amendments on the Senate floor. In a new R Street Institute policy study, Senior Fellow James Wallner traces the history of the Senate’s “amendment tree” and considers how it has evolved to allow a majority leader to use his priority of recognition to block floor amendments.

Republican Party

Rally Attendees Praised President Trump’s Tax Plan Rollout, With One Saying The President Is “Singing The Tune We Want.” REPORTER: “Trump’s plan would also help businesses be more globally competitive by slashing the corporate tax rate from 35 to 20%. It would also help small business owners by cutting their top tax rate from nearly 40% down to 25%.” RALLY ATTENDEES: “President’s Trump's really singing the tune the we want to hear to really grow our business and feel confident so, we're looking forward to it and hoping this tax plan goes through. It’ll be good for everybody.” (WLS-CHI’s “Eyewitness News,” 9/27/17)

Retail Industry Leaders Association (RILA)

The Retail Industry Leaders Association (RILA), the trade association for today's most recognized and innovative retail brands, issued a statement applauding this morning's announcement from Congress and the Administration on their framework for tax reform. RILA Executive Vice President of Government Affairs Jennifer Safavian said the framework unveiled today represents an historic opportunity to fix a broken tax code and boost economic growth.

Court Will Review Clinton Emails Over Objections of Tillerson State Department and Sessions Justice Department
Judicial Watch

Judicial Watch announced that a federal judge will personally review, in camera, redacted material from emails discussing Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's use of iPads and iPhones during her tenure at the State Department. Judge Kollar-Kotelly also ordered the State Department to file an affidavit addressing why it should not have to search new Clinton emails recovered. In taking these steps, the court rejected arguments by the Tillerson State Department and its lawyers at the Sessions Justice Department.

Texas Values

Despite being listed as a priority item by Gov. Greg Abbott, having overwhelming support of the public according to polls (particularly women), bipartisan support in the Texas Senate when the bill passed (thanks to Sen. Eddie Lucio), Speaker Joe Straus and particularly State Affairs Committee Chairman Byron Cook prevented the bill from being heard by the entire House of Representatives. Because of that, Hudgens said, students like those in San Antonio ISD, or Dripping Springs ISD elementary students like 10-year-old Shiloh are left with uncertainty over whether their privacy will be violated this school year.

Civil and Human Rights Coalition Calls on Supreme Court to Uphold Workers’ Rights
The Leadership Conference

“Here we go again. Billionaires and right-wing corporate special interests are trying to use the Supreme Court to attack the fundamental rights of working people to come together, speak up, and hold the wealthy and powerful accountable. Working people and their unions have been at the forefront of battles for civil rights and the fight to unrig our economy – fights that benefit everyone. Stronger unions mean higher wages for all workers, and stronger communities with more pathways to prosperity for all, including women and people of color. Black and Latino union workers earn respectively 15 percent and 22 percent more than their non-union counterparts.

USCIS announces award recipients of nearly $10 million in funding to support citizenship preparation programs
U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has awarded nearly $10 million in grants to 45 public and private non-profit organizations across the country to help lawful permanent residents prepare for naturalization. The grants also help these organizations promote prospective citizens’ assimilation into American civic life by funding educational programs designed to increase their knowledge of English, U.S. history and civics. Located in 26 states, these organizations will receive federal funding to support citizenship preparation services for lawful permanent residents through September 2019.

Federal Teams Working to Restore Power and Stabilize Critical Infrastructure after Hurricane Maria
U.S. Department of Homeland Security

In the wake of Hurricane Maria, the top priority of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), and the entire federal government is continuing to provide life safety and life sustaining resources to Puerto Rico and U.S. Virgin Islands. This includes efforts to restore power, and stabilize critical infrastructure.

Justice Department Files Lawsuit Against Crop Production Services Alleging Discrimination Against U.S. Workers
U.S Department of Justice

The complaint alleges that in 2016, Crop Production discriminated against at least three United States citizens by refusing to employ them as seasonal technicians in El Campo, Texas, because Crop Production preferred to hire temporary foreign workers under the H-2A visa program. According to the department’s complaint, Crop Production imposed more burdensome requirements on U.S. citizens than it did on H-2A visa workers to discourage U.S. citizens from working at the facility. For instance, the complaint alleges that whereas U.S. citizens had to complete a background check and a drug test before being permitted to start work, H-2A workers were allowed to begin working without completing them and, in some cases, never completed them. The complaint also alleges that Crop Production refused to consider a limited-English proficient U.S. citizen for employment but hired H-2A workers who could not speak English. Ultimately, all of Crop Production’s 15 available seasonal technician jobs in 2016 went to H-2A workers instead of U.S. workers.

VA Awards $8M in Adaptive Sports Program Grants to Aid Disabled Veterans: Grants promote rehabilitation, health and wellness and community reintegration
U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs

VA is awarding the grants to national governing bodies, which prepare high-level athletes for Paralympic competition; Veterans service organizations; city and regional municipalities; and other community groups to provide a wide range of adaptive sports opportunities for eligible Veterans and service members. The grants will support activities ranging from kayaking, sailing, cycling, skiing, equine therapy and equestrian sports, among other activities.