Monday, February 28, 2022


Today's News for the Week Prior and Up to February 28, 2022

Kuster Statement on Invasion of Ukraine
Source: U.S. Representative Ann Kuster (D-NH, 2nd)
February 24, 2022
“We stand united with our international allies and the people of Ukraine against Russia’s illegal invasion and efforts to change the borders of a sovereign nation by force. President Biden announced sanctions against Russia earlier this week in an effort to prevent this aggression and reinforce NATO. Instead of choosing peace and diplomacy in the best interest of his own nation, Vladimir Putin decided to launch a military operation against Ukraine — the consequences imposed by the United States and our allies and partners will be severe. Vladimir Putin’s decision to invade Ukraine will ultimately leave Russia weakened strategically, economically, and diplomatically.”

Congressman Krishnamoorthi Warns Russia Against Targeted Killings And War Crimes In Ukraine, Urges Biden Administration To Help Ensure Safety Of President Zelenskyy, Other Officials, And Ukrainian Civilians
Source: U.S. Representative Raja Krishnamoorthi (D-IL, 8th)
February 24, 2022
“As the Russian attacks on Ukraine continue, I urge the Biden Administration to continue to help ensure the safety of President Zelenskyy, the members of his democratically-elected government, anti-Putin dissidents across the region, and the Ukrainian people. Even with Vladimir Putin’s demonstrated record of complete disregard for international law and basic humanity, the targeted killing of elected leaders and the mass assassination of political dissidents would be especially insidious and criminal. We must and will hold all those engaged in these acts accountable for their atrocities.”

ICYMI - On NPR’s Morning Edition, Klobuchar Emphasizes Importance of International Coordination and Sanctions to Hold Russia Accountable for Unprovoked Invasion of Ukraine
Source: Senator Amy Klobuchar (D-MN)
February 24, 2022
“The fact that the world has come out so strongly, I don't think Putin anticipated that…What you're seeing now is a coordinated response which is going to hit him economically,” said Klobuchar. “This is a stronger world that has said enough is enough. And we simply cannot allow Putin to invade democracies around the world like this.”

Rep. Kinzinger Statement on the Nord Stream 2 Pipeline
Source: U.S. Representative Adam Kinzinger (R-IL, 16th)
February 23, 2022
"To those equating criticism for President Biden as un-American, you are equally wrong and misguided. The facts remain that the Obama/Biden administration allowed Putin to occupy Crimea and the Donbas. Now, we’re watching the Biden/Harris administration allow the further occupation of Ukraine."

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